I hope this finds everyone with the freshness and optimism that comes with a new year beginning. Years ago, I had the priveledge to host the Aurora Young Adult Retreat a few times in Moose Creek, Alaska. Aurora was one of the first callings God placed on my heart for the Vectored ministry and I prayed for a couple years not only for clarity but also vision for what Aurora was supposed to be. The first part of the vision that God gave me was the name, Aurora. I first thought that it was fitting, being that we were located in North Pole, Alaska and the Aurora Borealis are overhead almost every night. However I came to find out that the word Aurora comes from the Latin and means literally “dawn” but has also been used to refer to new beginnings. For the next few years, my team and I were able to, with God’s help, run the retreat and watched people from all walks and ages find their “New Beginnings” in Christ. I personally know of a few pastors, missionaries, etc. that can trace their calling back to one of those retreats. Now I do not say any of this for praise, to the contrary, these retreats showed me what God can do when someone says “Yes” to whatever God has for them.

For the past couple years, I have personally been dealing with medical issues that have made me take some time to focus on myself. I have taken a backseat to most of the ministries that are around me so that I could allow myself to heal as well as come to terms with health issues that, unless God intervenes, are permanent. It was a much needed time of rest and allowed me to spend some time studying and preparing for the next chapter of my life. It also allowed me to go back and look at some of the previous chapters. Last year, I went back to, quite literally, where it all began. My first ministry opportunity was running the overhead projector for the praise team at my church. The job wasn’t the most important job in the church but I treated it like it was. To this very day I can still remember standing at the projector, learning the notes that started every song so when the worship leader would go off script I could pull the slide and get it up quickly. Last year, more that 30 years after my projector ministry, I started a ministry much like it by creating lyric videos for praise and worship. I realize that it is a modest ministry but it is an inch in the right direction. A couple weeks ago I launched “Sunday Morning Worship” videos and can’t wait to see where those videos go.

So what does 2023 hold? Honestly…hopefully…a couple more inches. I have redesigned the website to be more conducive to the steps I want to take this year. Outside of the digital world, I am working to get a studio setup to begin recording the discipleship program that has been waiting to be made for far too many years. The Vision that God has given to me for Vectored Media is large and, at times, daunting but I know with Him all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26).

2023 Vision

Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. (Habakkuk 2:2b)

Vectored Media will continue providing…
  • Three Weekly Praise & Worship Lyric Videos (YouTube, Rumble, Website)
  • Weekly Sunday Morning Worship Video (YouTube, Rumble, Website)
Vectored Media 2023 Goals
  • Launch once a week Sunday School Discipleship Program – Fundamentals of Faith (YouTube, Rumble, Website)
  • Once a month updates on status of Vectored Media (Website)
  • Grow Audience to 10K (YouTube, Rumble)
  • Find more outlets to expand reach (i.e. New Video Platforms)